Cortese Creations Services

I keep my pricing low during these difficult economic times.

I will create a personal custom sign or item from your ideas and specifications. Your imagination is endless, let's create something with it. 


Pricing varies according to size, subject matter, complexity and the amount of time I put into each piece.  I work closely with my customers on pricing and design.

When you pay for a custom order, I'll start the design and e-mail you a picture of the design for approval or your request to make changes.  I work very closely with my customers during the design process, and will send you several pictures through e-mail or text message.

I will send you a final picture of the completed piece hanging before it ships.

If you live local, you can pick it up or I can deliver it. 


Buyer pays all shipping.

Your satisfaction is my primary goal. 

Please visit my shop where there are "made to order" items and others available for immediate shipment.


Check out my gallery to view my previous work.

My Mill Right MegaV XL
Cortese Creations Router Setup

The work area of my Mill Right MegaV XL is 32" x 32".  I can tile through the back of the bed to cut longer material. I set up my material by lining it up with grid lines and screw it onto my spoil board.

Cortese Creations Work Shop

In Cortese Creations workshop, ​I have all the machines needed to produce quality work.

VcarvePro 10.5 Design Software

I design everything on my computer using Vcarve Pro 10.5 design software (CAD) to create the tool paths. 

I save the toolpaths on a thumb drive, take it out into my work shop, copy and paste the toll path onto the shop computer. 

Open Builds CAM softwar

Pull the tool path into Open Builds (CAM) Gcode sender to run the Millright MegaV XL CNC. Then I hit [run job] to start carving and cutting out the design.

Each piece of wood is unique, natural, and the flaws add to the rustic look.  Size, weight, and grain vary, no 2 projects are the same.


After the items are carved, cut out, and sanded, they move to the finishing area where they are cleaned up and painted. The exterior signs are protected with Marine Spar Varnish and ready to hang for your enjoyment anywhere.  Interior signs are protected with several coats of spray polyurethane, shellac, or spray clear coat.

Finishing area