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I keep my pricing low during these difficult economic times.

  • I will create a personal custom sign or item from your ideas.

  • I work closely with my customers on budget and design.

  • Your imagination is endless, let's create something with it. 


Click any link at the top of this page to see what I have to offer.

 Make sure you visit my gallery to view my previous work.

2nd Amendment Eagle Holding Rifles Locked and Loaded
Yoda Wood Carving "may the force be with you"
Wood Carving of Train With Scrolled Flourishes and Frame
Wooden carving of grizzly breaking through Wood
Custom Turkey Log Slab Sign
Custom Buck and Turkey log Slab Sign
Custom Log Slab Black Bear on Log Custom Sign
Custom Camp sign with horses
custom wood slab camp sigh the hidaway
Personal house sign with dog portraits
Cortese Creations Custom Busines Sign
Sea Shore Custom Sign
Custom wood carved raccoon sign
Custom wood carved bear sign
Custom Mountain and Pines Sign
Cortese Creations Custom Moose Sign
Custom Pumpkin Fest Sign
Cute Black Bear Acrylic Painting
Buffallo Pastel Painting
Blue Jay Bird Acrylic Painting
Wooden Napkin Holder Hands Holding Bread
Solid maple carved rustic log clock with leaves and acorns
carved black bear sconce set front view
Solid maple carved rustic log clock with leaves and acorns black hands
carved wooden howling wolf wall sconce
Solid Oak Carved rustic log clock with pine cones and gold highlights