Pet Portraits
Cortese Creations
I have been doing pet portraits for a very long time.  I will create your portrait as acrylic
paintings, Oil Paintings, Pastel paintings, or a wood burning.  I can capture your pet in
any medium.  

Pricing varies according to size, medium, complexity, and mounting if requested.

Contact me for pricing of a portrait of your special pet.

Pricing for a pastel painting measuring 9" x 12", un-mounted, 1 subject, is:
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when done.
Below are a few pet portraits I have done to give you an idea of my abilities.
Himilayan Cat Pastel Painting
9" x 12" Pastel painting of my friends Himalayan cat.  
Black Morgan Horse Acylic Painting
16" x 20 " Acrylic Painting of my husband's black Morgan gelding.  
This horse, in his old age, didn't like leaving the barn.  He spent
much of his days looking out the barn door like this.
Sadly he passed at the age of 34 in Sept. 2013.
Cane Corso Mastif Wood Burning
Wood burning of my son's Cane Corso Massif.
Buck Skin Mare Acrylic Painting
Gray Tabby Cat Pastel Painting
9" x 12" Pastel painting of a gray tabby cat I was
commissioned to create for a customer.
Ara appaloosa Pastel Painting
9" x 12" Pastel Painting of my Ara appaloosa Mare
I purchased as a 2-year-old.  She was 17 when she
lost her battle with Cushins disease in 2011.
This is a 16" x 20" acrylic painting of a rescued buckskin mare that I
adopted from "Voice for Horses" out of Toledo, OH.  She was the
wrong and lived out her final days safe with us.  Sadly she passed
away March 2013 at the age of 36. I gave this painting to my niece
who was the only one that ever rode her.